Truro adult store stars in TV adaptation of romantic novel

Posted: November 5, 2013

Some good news emerged about the UK’s most put-upon licensed store* last month when it was chosen as a location for a German TV adaptation of a Rosamunde Pilcher romantic novel. FFP New Media used the Mrs Palm shop on Little Castle Street, Truro, to shoot a scene in which a father-in-law character encounters a saucily dressed mannequin while on a walk with his daughter-in-law.

Nikki Hewett, co-owner of Mrs Palm, told “I was delighted to be asked by FFP New Media that they wanted to film my window display of corsets and lingerie for the purpose of including them in a present day remake of a Rosamunde Pilcher novel. I gather her books are hugely popular in Germany and as they are filmed in Cornish locations they generate a lot of tourism into Cornwall. It did cause a bit of a stir when the film crew arrived and set up all their equipment as to what was exactly going on or what was going to be filmed. It was all above board though and it turned out be a great day and I was pleased to be asked and to be involved”.

The adaptations of Cornish-born Rosamunde Pilcher’s novels are one of the most popular film series in German television history, regularly attracting audiences of more than nine million viewers.

* Since opening in 2010, Mrs Palm has been subjected to its local council employing underhanded tactics in order to try and catch it breaking the terms of its licence and a very vocal campaign against it by the Christian Institute. Earlier this year, its local council attempted to impose a number of new conditions on the store when its licence was being renewed. These included installing CCTV to record and retain for not less than 31 days recognisable facial features of all persons attempting to enter the shop, leaving the shop and also of persons in the shop.