Stocking decisions: Leg Avenue launches 50 new styles

Posted: March 16, 2016

Leg Avenue has announced that its already large hosiery collection has been boosted by the addition of 50 new styles – which no other brand has ever done before, according to the company. Leg Avenue picked out new wetlook stockings with lace up at the back and a lace band at the top as a highlight from the new collection.

“These stockings are already very popular and so it’s a must-have for every store,” said Leg Avenue. “The high quality of these wetlook stockings is noticeable in the choice of fabric, detailing, and most importantly the fit. The style comes in two sizes and has just the right amount of stretch, which makes it suitable for multiple sizes.”

A full catalogue of the company’s hosiery, including the 50 new styles, can be seen at

“Leg Avenue is the go-to brand for all kinds of sexy hosiery and has something for everyone,” the company said.