Size guides added to ABS online

Posted: April 26, 2016

ABS Holdings has added some handy size guides to the downloads section of, including guides for Bathmate and Allure.

“The Bathmate size chart is great for assisting customers of all sizes to pick the perfect penis pump,” said ABS Holdings senior sales executive Glenn Wilde. “According to the guide, penis length of up to 12.5cm should opt for the X20 while penis lengths up to 18cm will benefit from the X30/Hercules. The X40 is great for sizes up to 23cm while the Goliath is designed for larger sizes up to 28cm. It’s important to find your perfect size for maximum comfort and maximum results.”

The Allure size guide can assist in finding the perfect fit when it comes to lingerie, applying to both the Kitten range for women and the Zeus range for men.

ABS Holdings:

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