See the Giro d’Italia with Shots Media

Posted: May 5, 2016

This year’s Giro d’Italia will pass by the Shots Media headquarters and the distributor is inviting all its customers to attend the event. The Giro d´Italia is one of the biggest cycling competitions in the world, and the contestants have to face 21 stages over 23 days.

Shots is organising a party at its offices offering great views of the event and giving guests an opportunity to watch the contest from a comfortable environment. Danny, one of Shots’s employees, will act as DJ for the day and Shots are hinting that the party will also feature a ‘surprise’ guest act. For the whole of the afternoon drinks will be poured and ‘Bitterballen’ – described as the ultimate Dutch delicacy – will be served.

“The Giro will pass the Shots premises on the second day of the competition meaning that the contestants will still be fresh and in top condition,” Shots Media said. Shots guests will also get another opportunity to see the event on the third day, when the race starts from the centre of Nijmegen, close to Shots Media’s premises.

Contact your Shots representative for more information – but do it soon, the event starts tomorrow!