Poundland becomes pornland

Posted: September 1, 2009

High Street giant Poundland has found itself on the receiving end of an onslaught from that bastion of high moral standards, The Sun, after being ‘caught selling hardcore porn alongside children’s movies’ at just £1 a unit. The reality was a bit less sensationalistic, as the DVDs were only 18-rated and are thus perfectly legal to sell in any retail establishment, but that did not stop the newspaper quoting several irate shoppers in its report. One said: “I come to Poundland with my kids all the time and it’s a bit sickening to know that these kind of films are on sale. They shouldn’t be available for just £1 either – I had no idea filth could be bought so cheaply.”

Unfortunately the shopper did not suggest a suitable alternative price that she thought the DVDs should be sold for in Poundland. A Trading Standards spokesperson confirmed the retailer was not breaking any laws, so there would be no investigation, and a defiant Poundland told The Sun it would be refusing to withdraw the items from sale, despite the publicity – which no doubt sent sales soaring.

If The Sun expected its readers to join it in righteous indignation however, it will have been disappointed with the comments made on its website. These included: “I think it’s disgusting, kids should not be encouraged to waste money on these films when you can watch them for free on the net”; “One pound per film! What a bargain. Those sex shops have over charged me”; and “I’m off to Poundland to stock up on my porn collection ;-)”