King’s Speech location’s colourful past

Posted: March 2, 2011

Quadruple Oscar-winning British film The King’s Speech, which had already won a slew of awards including BAFTAs, contains locations familiar to makers and fans of porn alike. Featured throughout, Lord Edward Davenport’s house at 33 Portland Place – the former Sierra Leone High Commission building in London – is seen in key scenes. It’s previously been heavily used by Harmony Films for movies including The Party and for the Porn Week: London shoot. It has also been a venue for Tim Woodward’s Skin Two Rubber Ball in 2009 and a series of exclusive orgy events by Killing Kittens.

Additionally, have noticed that speech therapist Lionel Logue’s (Best Supporting Actor Oscar nominated Geoffrey Rush) office featured in a UKNakedMen shoot – meaning Best Actor Academy Award winning Colin Firth playing stammering George VI and Helena Bonham-Carter as Queen Elizabeth (the future Queen Mother) have shared the same stage as shaven-headed musclemen in love. Even ETO’s own Paul Smith has shot naked lesbians cavorting on the staircase, seen in many mainstream films including The Life and Death of Peter Sellers and The King’s Speech; both starring Geoffrey Rush. To say nothing of foxy Old Speckled Hen idents on digital TV channel Dave…