iGino hopes for crowdfunding success

Posted: March 20, 2013

Get enough people to get behind a good idea – and importantly, put their money where their faith is – and unusual products can make it to mass market. The people at i-gino.com are hoping this funding model works for them as they move towards production of the first batch of a quirky vibrator product that mixes the convenience of a Flip pocket camcorder with the discretion of an iPhone.

Aiming their product idea at ‘modern and independent women who choose to live their sexuality in a peaceful and spontaneous way’, the concept – the iGino One – is designed to be elegant and discreet, ideal for travel use and non-phallic to avoid potential embarrassment.

Packing patented ‘vibraMoove technology’ which combines vibration with more subtle waggling movement to ‘increase pleasure levels’, iGino wishes to “transmit a sex-positive message for women and couples, so that they can feel free to express themselves and play with their body and their intimacy.”

The device itself, a slimline battery unit with a swing-out USB charger reminiscent of many pocket camcorders, is said to be ideal for couples too as it can fit between their bodies and still provide clitoral stimulation. With a pop-off travel lid to keep the massaging tip clean and hide the product’s function from the uninformed, plus a rounded, ‘skin touch’ massager said to reproduce the movement of a woman’s fingertip, it’s a compact and unobtrusive travel companion for the consumer not concerned with penetration.

For those without a handy USB port to recharge from, a travel kit is also available, with a velvet pouch to hold a charging cable and international electrical outlet adaptors to step the voltage down from 110v or 220/240v to 5v USB.

In subtle pink and white, and with rounded corners, the main unit looks unthreatening and is intended to be supplied in an ‘elegant gift box’ with a ‘luxury velvet pouch’ for storage. The brand promises to deliver ‘what women want’ and the design certainly shows promise, even in a crowded market sector like personal intimate massagers. More information about the concept can be found at the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo: www.indiegogo.com/igino