Films still key at MPG

Posted: May 8, 2009

We might be in the depths of a recession but Millivres Prowler Group has reported that it in certain areas of its business figures are comparable to 12 months ago, including its R18 film sales, and it is continuing to add new studios to its portfolio.

A spokesperson for the company explained: “People still have money to spend, but are now being far more prudent in where that money goes. Quality is paramount, as customers can’t afford to ‘miss buy’, yet we are still as ‘time poor’ as we have ever been, so knowing that a brand supplies the quality we need, brings customers back time and again. Premium brands, such as Bel Ami, Jet Set Men, Channel 1 Releasing, Dark Alley, Euroboy and Lucas Entertainment, are still thriving in this current climate.”

MPG has recently taken on UK distribution for AYOR and the films of Mike Esser under the Zipper label and it has now announced that it will be bringing Kristen Bjorn films into the UK for the first time. The first release from Kristen Bjorn is Male Tales this month.

An MPG spokesperson commented: “Kristen Bjorn is famous for his beautiful, pumped up, Latino men, exciting group sessions and big cocks that seem to shoot their loads without even being touched. Male Tales is our first release and will not disappoint fans or newcomers to Kristen Bjorn’s films. Gorgeous men are plentiful and the sex is full on while keeping to the traditions that Kristen Bjorn is famous for.”

And following on from its success with Black Balled 6, MPG is now releasing Black Balled 5 – Star Fucker from Channel 1 Releasing, which follows the same premise as 6 but with a different cast. The film, directed by Chi Chi LaRue, stars Dean Monroe and eight black guys, including Eddie Diaz.

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