Q. What is ETO?

A. ETO (Erotic Trade Only) is the only business-to-business publication for the UK adult industry. It is published monthly and was founded in 2003.

Q. Is ETO free?

A. ETO is supplied free of charge to adult retailers based in the UK. Other qualifying individuals within the trade can subscribe to the magazine at a nominal cost (see subscriptions section of this site).

Q. When is ETO published?

A. The print edition of ETO is published in the first week of every month. The deadlines for inclusion in the magazine tend to be around the 15th of the preceding month – so the deadline for the May issue will be the 15th of April.

Q. Can consumers buy ETO?

A. No, ETO is selectively distributed only to individuals and companies involved in the adult industry. It cannot be purchased on the newsstand.

Q. Does ETO have any connections with any other company in the UK adult industry?

A. No, and it never has. ETO is a totally independent business and its only other areas of involvement in the UK adult industry are its trade show and awards dinner events. ETO has never been in competition with its readers or advertisers in any commercial undertaking.

Q. Who reads ETO?

A. According to ETO’s reader survey of 2007:
42.18% of readers are active in the online space.
36.38% of readers have a traditional – ie shop front – retail presence.
21.2% of readers are involved in the distribution of adult goods.
20.31% of readers have a connection with the media.
17.95% of readers run a party plan operation.
17.18% of readers are involved in manufacturing.
10.93% of readers have publishing interests.
48.66% of readers said their turnover came from one area of operation, 32.37% said two, 12.95% said three, 3.57% said four, 1.78% said five and just 0.67% said their company was involved in six or more areas of operation.

Q. What is ETO’s circulation?

A. Around 4,500 copies are mailed each month. ETO’s reader survey of 2007 revealed that each copy is read by, on average, 2.67 people, giving a total readership of around 12,000.

Q. Is ETO unbiased?

A. Yes, completely, and the vast majority of its readers trust it to be so. In answer to the question ‘Do you trust ETO editorial to be independent and unbiased?’ in ETO’s reader survey of 2007, 93.78% of readers said yes, 4.48% believed otherwise and 1.74% were unsure.

Q. Do retailers take notice of ETO’s product recommendations?

A. In ETO’s 2007 reader survey, the following question was asked: Would you consider stocking a product based on a favourable review in ETO? 60.62% said yes they would, 33.67% would consider it and only 5.7% would not.

Q. Do ETO’s readers actually read the advertisements in the magazine?

A. From ETO’s 2007 reader survey:
20.76% of readers read every single one.
46.88% of readers read most of them.
13.39% of readers read some of them.
8.26% of readers read a few of them.
1.78% of readers read none of them.
(8.93% declined to answer.)

Q. How do I get my products featured in ETO?

A. Samples of products for consideration should be posted to: ETO, Unit 15 Coed-Arian House, Oldbury Road, Cwmbran NP44 3JU. Please note that ETO will not give coverage to films which have not been through the BBFC.

Q. How do I get a news story featured in the magazine?

A. Contact the editor, Dale Bradford, on 01633 877177 or email dale@erotictradeonly.com

Q. Who should I contact if I want to place an advertisement in ETO?

A. Call Jacinta Williams on 01253  89 57 67  or email Jacinta@erotictradeonly.com

Q.How big is the UK adult market?

A. Research undertaken by ETO in 2007 suggested that the UK adult market is worth around £900m, at retail value, per annum.

Q. How many people does the adult industry employ in the UK?

A. ETO research in 2007 suggested that 31,780 people are employed by the adult industry in the UK.

Q. Which are the most popular adult industry events?

A. From ETO’s 2007 reader survey:
67.18% of readers attend the ETO Show.
62.72% of readers attend Erotica.
20.98% of readers attend distributors’ open days.
18.53% of readers attend Venus Berlin.
Others made up 8.03%.
From the above, 27.9% of readers attend only one event, 37.95% attend two, 16.3% attend three and 6% attend four.

Q. Who should I contact if I have a complaint about ETO?

A. In the first instance, call ETO’s publisher, Lee Schofield, on 01253 89 57 67 or email lee@erotictradeonly.com

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