Every night is party night with Kheper Games

Posted: March 17, 2016

Kheper Games has launched three new party games: What the F*ck?  Truth or Dare, Hash It Out, and Drinking With Stupid. What the F*ck? Truth or Dare is an extension to the original What the F*ck? game that Kheper Games say has sold over a million copies to date. Players take turns asking and acting out truth or dare options. Examples include ‘What is the most unethical thing you have ever done?’  (truth) and ‘Let other players fling mayonnaise on you (or other condiments) as if you are in the centre of a bukake circle’ (dare).

Hash It Out is a pot-themed activity where players take turns selecting joint shaped game pieces and asking a question to the group from one of the sides. There are 100 discussion ‘highly relevant’ topics to choose from, such as ‘What is the most fun thing to watch on TV while smoking pot?’ or ‘Which player most resembles a box of kittens?’  After each question is asked, the group then has a ‘joint’ discussion and agrees on an answer together.

Drinking with Stupid is a drinking game that celebrates the stupid things people have done. It features over 550 questions, including ‘Have you ever been caught peeing in public?’ or ‘Have you called a lover by an ex’s name?’ Players take a drink if they answer in the affirmative.

“We’ve done quite well with our games and continue to offer unique and off-the-wall content with them,” said Kheper Games CEO Brian Pellham. “Many other adult games are repetitive in their content with dares or questions. We pride ourselves on every game being unique and entertaining with each one offering a lot of original content at a good price and value.”

For more details on the new games email info@khepergames.com