Cobeco launches ‘make your own’ lube

Posted: February 28, 2013

Cobeco has launched its Male Powder Lubricant which allows users to easily customise the thickness of the formula by simply adding more or less water.

A Cobeco spokesperson explained: “Most lubricants are pre-fabricated and you can’t change the structure or quantity of these lubricants. But now you’re in charge. Add more or less water to get the right structure that works for you and make as much or as little as you need.”

The water-based lube is latex-friendly said to be easy to rinse off with water. One jar allows the user to make more than five litres of lubricant.

This latest addition to Cobeco’s Male line joins seven other different lubricants including, Anal Relax Lube, White Coloured Lube, Extra Thick Lube plus a warming formula and even one in the shape of butter. For more information email or visit