BKK motion-sensing masturbator now available in Europe

Posted: March 30, 2016

Eropartner Distribution has announced that it has inked a European distribution deal with BKK, a tech start-up and manufacturer of the Cyber Sex Cup. Described as ‘a revolutionary adult toy for men’ Cyber Sex Cup combines a traditional textured male masturbator with motion sensing technology – so the user’s stroking pattern can be transmitted via the supplied app to third parties during  cybersex sessions.

A standard BKK Cyber Sex Cup kit includes a motion-sensing masturbator, a virtual reality headset and a smartphone porn game app that works with both. VR porn can also be downloaded onto the user’s smartphone, or he can watch it online. Once the video is ready, the user simply has to insert his phone into the BKK VR headset and fine tune the lens for focusing.

In addition, the app allows the user to customise a cyber girl partner. He can pick her body type, skin tone, hairstyle, and outfit, and even what position she will be in for him.

The VR headset supports a variety of smartphones from 4” to 6”, including the iPhone 5, iPhone 6Plus, Galaxy Note and Nexus 4. Once the user activates the app and switches to the VR mode, he just slides his phone into the headset and is surrounded by virtual reality.

“We are always on the lookout for new products, and when we heard of BKK’s Cyber Sex Cup we knew immediately that we had to bring this to our customers in Europe,” said Eropartner Distribution’s head of purchasing, Elcke Wieffering. “It makes a great addition to our innovative and unique product portfolio.”

The recommended retail price for the BKK Cyber Sex Cup is €149.95 and it is available now. For more information contact Eropartner Distribution via info@eropartner.com or visit www.eropartner.com