Baci Budapest opens – 3,000 more to go

Posted: June 23, 2011

Baci Lingerie has announced ambitious plans to open 3,000 of its mono brand stores over the next six years, with branches expected to open in the UK, Germany, Holland, Spain, Scandinavia, UAE, Mexico and Lithuania within the next three months.

The firm recently held a grand opening for its store in Budapest, Hungary.

“Baci Lingerie’s concept of affordable luxury is exactly what the consumer wants in Hungary,” said Tamás Takacs, Baci Lingerie exclusive distributor and brand owner for Hungary. “People have really been anxiously waiting for the Baci Lingerie store and the people are really excited that we opened.”

Takacs will open three additional stores within the next three months and has plans to open 60 stores in the next six years.

Baci Lingerie claims that 50% of customers in its stores make a purchase, compared to the typical figure for the lingerie sector of 9%. It also claims that between 35-40% of mono store customers are men, while 3-4% is typical for the sector as a whole.

Baci Lingerie COO Robert Rosen commented: “We are tremendously surprised with the amount of men that are entering the store and buying products. I believe that typical lingerie stores are very intimidating and confusing for men to enter and buy products. With our concept [and] beautifully designed packaging men are responding to the world Baci Lingerie is creating.”

The firm has posted a promotional trailer of the Budapest store opening, complete with an uplifting orchestral and choral soundtrack, at