Author seeks fantasies and marketing partners for new book

Posted: April 4, 2013

Cliterati founder Emily Dubberley is investigating female fantasies in her latest book and she is looking for women to contribute to one of four surveys. They vary in length from two to 20 questions and include one specifically for erotic writers/sex bloggers – whose sites/books can be mentioned in the book.

“It’s 40 years since female sexual fantasy has been accepted as existing, thanks to Nancy Friday, who wrote My Secret Garden in 1973,” said Dubberley. “At the time, the book was deemed shocking, and many women’s magazines denied that women had fantasies at all. Four decades on, women aren’t just admitting to having fantasies, they’re also writing them down and some are even becoming millionaires as a result. But have their fantasies changed or are women eroticising the same things as their mothers and grandmothers before them? Have the changes in society affected what women think about, and how they use their fantasies? Are toys more common in fantasies now that they’re more publicly acceptable? How close is reality to fantasy now that the internet makes all manner of assignations infinitely easier than they were four decades ago? Do women accept their fantasies more now than before, or is there still a stigma about female fantasies? Are women making their dreams come true – or still keeping their real desires to themselves for fear of being judged?”

The surveys can be found at Emily is also looking for marketing partners to support the launch of the book – and get a sneak preview of the results. For more information email