AITA meeting to address current issues

Posted: March 13, 2011

The first AITA Open Meeting of 2011 will take place from 5pm till 8pm on 23rd March at the usual venue, Hercules Pillars in Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5DG. There will be three speakers at the event, who will each be addressing a current industry issue.

Paul Matthews of Models First will speak on Ed Vaizey’s plan to block Internet pornography, Robert Smith of dotxxx will discuss the .xxx domain and Stuart Inglis of SEV will explain the implications of the Policing and Crime Act 2009, which requires lap dancing bars and other sexual entertainment venues (SEVs) to be licensed by their local authority.

Each speaker will close with a Q&A session and a light buffet and drinks will be provided. Space is limited at this event so if you plan to attend email or call 0845 500 2482.